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System Requirements
For support, please contact the
Customer Support team at
1-800-246-2154 or

5/2/16: Champions Customer Care is currently experiencing very high call volume. If you are unable to wait to speak with us, please email us at

If you are calling because you received a disenrollment notice this morning, please disregard that notification. Your student is not at risk for disenrollment for non-payment. We are still experiencing issues with our payment system and are working to resolve these issues.  

Our payment system has had an upgrade! If you had a recurring payment with us, please note that it will need to be entered again before your next payment is due to avoid any disruption in care.


Important Tips and FAQs for Summer and Fall School Year (Parents please read)

  • Champions Customer Care: Below are the ways to contact us
  • Our website is not currently compatible with smartphones or tablets. Please use a laptop or desktop computer for account related tasks.
  • Live Chat (8:30am - 4:00pm PST M-F): Go to and click on the "Live Chat" link to chat with our Customer Care Team. Phone Support (6am-5pm PST M-F): 1-800-246-2154
  • Email Support (please allow 1-2 business days for response): Email
  • Payments: We do not accept online bill pay from banks.  Payments are accepted online only, with debit cards, credit cards, or electronic checks.
  • Important tuition and scheduling reminders:
    • Tuition in your online account is charged based on the current schedule you have for your student in your online account not based on their attendance.
    • Refunds on tuition will not be issued for scheduled days your student has not attended the Champions program.
    • Scheduling vacation days: Please use the "custom scheduling” feature found on the “Change Schedule” screen for any one time schedule changes to your child’s regular schedule.
    • Schedule must be changed online by Wednesday prior: Each week your tuition is billed out on Thursday morning for the following week based on your online schedule. Make sure you have any schedule changes for the upcoming week or later completed by that Wednesday prior, at the latest.
  • Enrollment Contractual Agreement & Terms: It is important (especially for new parents) that you print out and read the contractual terms on page 2 in the enrollment agreement form. By completing your child’s enrollment in Champions you are agreeing that you have read and understand these terms. If you missed this during the enrollment process below are the steps to access and print this.
    • Login to your online account.
    • Click on your student's name under the "Enrolled Students" section on your My Account page.
    • Scroll down the next page and click on the "enrollment summary" link.
    • Click on the "Print Enrollment" button on the top right corner of the page.
    • In the pop-up window click open and then click on the print button within your page.

Steps for accessing your online account statements page:

1.     Login to your online account at

2.     Click on the “View Balance Details” link under your Total Outstanding Balance amount

3.     This takes you to the current month’s statement page. To view previous months choose the appropriate month in the drop down menu titled “Select Month to Retrieve Statement”.

4.     You can print each monthly statement by simply clicking on the print button in your web browser when you have that month displayed.








Week 0



Schedule changes for week 1 must be completed in your online account

Week 1 tuition billed (billing based on set schedule in account)

Secondary sponsor recurring payments processed.   Week 1 tuition payment due

Week 1

Primary sponsor recurring payments processed


Grace period for week 1 tuition payment ends.  Schedule changes for week 2 due

Week 2 tuition billed.  $10 late payment fee assessed for any unpaid week 1 tuition   

Secondary sponsor recurring payments processed.  Week 2 tuition payment due

Week 2

Primary sponsor recurring payments processed


Grace period for week 2 tuition payment ends.  Schedule changes for week 3 due

$10 late payment fee assessed for any unpaid week 2 tuition. Week 3 tuition billed

Secondary sponsor recurring payments processed.  Week 3 tuition payment due

Week 3

Primary sponsor recurring payments processed

Tuition/fees from week 1 must be paid to avoid disenrollment (must pay entire balance on account)

Disenrollment of students with any unpaid tuition/fees from week 1. Grace period for week 3 tuition payment ends.  Schedule changes for week 4 due

$10 late payment fee assessed for any unpaid week 3 tuition.  Week 4 tuition billed

Disenrolled student accounts (from Wed): payment of entire balance and re-enrollment of student due to avoid disruption of service for week 4

IMPORTANT ACCOUNT REMINDER: Champions families, please remember to pay your weekly tuition (ask  Champions Customer Care about setting up a recurring weekly payment) and fees each week or pay ahead on your account to avoid $10 late pay fees (your tuition is billed out each Thursday late fee charged if not paid by Wednesday). Additionally if your tuition is not paid for 2 weeks your student(s) will be automatically disenrolled from the system on Wed of the 2nd week and you will need to login, pay your balance and complete the re-enrollment for your child by that Friday to avoid any disruption in your Champions service.

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